16 June 2011

The good news and the not-so-good news.

The good news is...........

My supervisor will be on leave for about 3 weeks starting from this Wednesday. (yeay! :p) He'll be going back to his home town (India) actually.

(dalam hati: yessss!!!! boley sesuka hati nak g fakulti ke tak. ngeh3~)

Butttt......the not so good news is that he already gave me a bundle of new journals to be studied. (siap tolong printout lagi!) Ohh noooo.... He said when he come back, he expect me to at least have read all the papers. If there's any doubt, we'll discuss later after he came back.

"Don't go back to your kampung. If you want to, bring all these papers with you".
(Hehe...die cam tau2 je aku ade niat balik kampung...^^)

Papers yang die email aritu yang dekat 60 tu pon tak abes tengok lagi. Printout pon blom. Ni haa dah dapat yang baru.....

---yeayyy! T_T---


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