12 July 2010

Viva Espana

Finally, it's the end of World Cup 2010. And the 36.8cm high, made of solid 18-carat gold trophy goes to
[Info: Only 5 countries have won the World Cup since the new trophy was introduced. The name of each winning team and the year they won is engraved, in English, on the base of the Trophy. There are enough spaces to last until the Soccer World Cup 2038]

The game was spectacular! I watched the match last night (urm, morning to be precise). Even though i'm not in favor with both teams; (saya penyokong tegar GERMANY!) since it was the final game, so dont wanna lose the final scene of WC '10. (sempat jugak tertido ms second half tu n bukak2 mata tgk da minit ke-80! haha...) N of course to see who's prediction was right. Paul or Mani. Hee~~....

Both team were very aggressive with about 12 yellow cards raised (NED 7, ESP 5).Wow! That's a lot!
The only goal scored by Spain (A. Iniesta) was in the 30 minutes of extra time. (lamanya dorg main....bosan plak tggu lama2)
Well, from what i know, neither Netherlands nor Spain have ever won the World Cup's. So haruslah bermain mati-matian kann.....

After this, no more waking ups late at night watching football!
No more drooling over those hottie guys! (: <-- like this!
Back no normal life.

Tahniah juga kepada pemenang tempat kedua dan ketiga.

p/s: sedey coz pasni xbley tgk lg my fevret player main dlm WC. he'll be 36 in 2014. Ohh my Klose!

anonymouS:: next, BRAZIL 2014!

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