20 April 2011

I'm feeling good!

---oh mak aii....bosaunyo mulut...---

Setelah beberapa entry berbaur stresss+tekanan+tension, kini aku kembali update blog dengan nada gumbiraaa!!!! *lompat2

Sebab ape????

Sebab da settle defence research proposal (DRP). (^_____________^)
*i can smile from ear to ear now!

How's the DRP went?
Urm, ntahla. Aku cam redha je. I've done my best, I leave the rest to God ^^

My supervisor's comment:
"It's good. Well, don't worry much. Ya, I know you're coming from Bsc background. So I don't expect you to know everything. If you're from MSc, then I expect you to know at least 90% of your study. As time goes by, you'll learn. Plus, all the panels are not from physics background, that's why they didn't focus on the theory but rather the 'small2 thing'. Don't worry laa...."

That's my supervisor.
He ALWAYS gives us positive comments. I'm so touched :')

These are some of the panels' comments that I remember.

"You should face your audience, when you constantly looking at your slides and the other side, for me it looks like that you don't understand/you're not knowing. Honestly...."
-err, aku pandang kot audience ngan panels. Tapi everytime aku pandang muka dorang, dorang tak pandang aku. Cane tu????

"I think you should focus on one compounds only. For me, what you're planning to do is too much....."
-aikk, banyak???

"Where's the chemical reaction?"
-alamakk, tak sure...T_T

"I saw that most of the sentences there, you're quoting from the papers. You should give yourself the chances to express what you think..."
-dah aku tulis pasal teori, mestila quote dari orang. Takkan aku nak buat teori sendiri.....

[[macam alasan nak backup diri sendiri. Haha!]]

Overall, aku rasa baaaanyak yang aku kena improve. N aku rasa aku nye presentation tadi cam kejap gile. Sebab panel cam tak tanya banyak. Maybe sebab dorang tau kot yang aku pon tak tau. Hee~

Tadi jugak aku, Tuyah n Aju buat sesuatu yang menggembirakan! Ape die? Nanti aku update lagi! (^^,)v *jap lagi nak g tengok wayang!!

This gonna be such a long journey.
I have to stay strong.

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