13 April 2011

Be tough.Be strong.

Tadi aku practice present aku nye proposal depan supervisor.
It was BAD. VERY2 BAD!

Shame of myself.

Other people might think- "what the hell she's been doing for the past three month to come out with all this rubbish mess???"

I, feel bad of myself too.

Nevertheless, I have to put all the blame on me because its all my fault after all.
Obviously, I'm not well prepared. And because of that, I'm shaking, trembling and I can't put words into proper sentences. I'm screwed up!

It was BAD, again.

There are lots of thing for me to catch up, to make myself clear.

----trying hard to get motivated----

Note to self:
This is just the beginning.
There is always a room for improvement.

This Friday, you have to show some improvement. You have to!

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