19 March 2011

Value and valuable.

Saya baca ni dari blog Cik Are-da, pasal harga2 blog ni. Haha...So saje je la try tengok berapalah agaknye harga blog picisan aku ni. Hihi...

So here's the result........
Wow, quite impressive. Of coz la takley lawan blogger otai cam Hanis Zalikha tu kan.

* * * * * * * *

Ya, this blog might not be so valuable to others, but this blog means a lot for me! This is where I wrote my thought, what's happening around me, I express my fear, my anger, almost everything! It's a so-called DIARY for me. Electronic diary. Haha! Well, I used to write diary before on books. In fact I still keep all my diaries and reminiscing back all that I wrote makes me wonder sometimes, "what the hell am i thinking at that time???" "did i really did what i did??" "how can i be so stupid??" T_T Memang kelakar kan bile terkenang zaman2 dulu. Macam2 benda yang kita lalui. What a memory~~~~

Hey, I just love my blog! ^^

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Adahunny said...

waa 2k tu diba..bleh blanje aku blackberry satu..hehe