21 February 2011

Scientific writing...-_-

A week to go before the end of February. I supposed to have my written thesis ready. Because the oral presentation is scheduled around the end of March or early April. Pretty scary coz as for now, I've done NOTHING at the writing part.

Waa....I dont know how to start. Or even what to write! Help me! Help me!

I hate scientific writing! **Hey, this is the path you chose. Like it or not, you have to!

Sometimes I prefer the presentation part rather than all these reading-understanding-analyzing-writing thingy. Err, I'm not saying I'm good at oral presentation. *I'm shivering, trembling, n sweating too! At least during the oral you can simply say what you understand with your own word, or broken english, with all the grammatical error whatsoever. (that's me. my english is bad!).

But in scientific writing, you have to arrange your words nicely, according to the past, present, perfect tenses. You have to evaluate the report information, justify the theories and make it in your own words without PLAGIARISM! Because sometimes its hard to translate what you understand into sentences. (I always have this problem as I might get people misunderstood from what I wrote).

Where to start????? HELLLPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!

-written of Chapter 1: Introduction with powerpoint
-presentation for this coming Friday (25/2)
-literature review. Keep reading!!!!!!!

I'm dead! @_@

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts"

Credit: Aila.

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